Course Description

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Characters are the heart of every game, video, or marketing campaign. They're at the heart of your interest in 3D Animation, too. Bring your characters to life. Make them breathe. Give them a personality.

With the 3D Animation and Character Design program, you'll hone your previous multi-media skills into a valued and sought-after skill in the job market. You'll animate your ideas for game engines/development by life drawing and storyboarding, 3D modeling, texture mapping and lighting, character design, video editing, and audio effects creation.

You'll develop your creative concepts with like-minded and creative classmates. You'll plan and manage projects. With every step of the program, you'll see your ideas and dreams come to life.

You'll be prepared to work as a 3D animator, character designer, effects artist, storyboard artist and level designer for the film, video, animation, and game industries. Your skills will help you land jobs with companies creating television commercials, industrial and commercial videos, and educational material. How about architecture or real estate designs and promotions? These days, your skills will take you to limitless places.

Your ability to create characters while nurturing your love of design is the first step. Taking these passions into the dynamic media technology sector will be your destiny.


Learning Outcomes

The graduate has reliably demonstrated the ability to:

  1. Execute creative concepts and ideas through a variety and combination of techniques including hand-drawn, computer-generated, 2D and 3D storyboards and animatics.
  2. Create sophisticated models for the entertainment, medical, and architectural industries.
  3. Create 3D characters and creatures ranging from life-like and anatomically correct to cartoon and anime styles.
  4. Combine texture mapping, shaders, lighting environments, animating cameras and ‘rigs' for 3D models and characters in animation sequences.
  5. Synthesize a wide variety of digital effects in the creation of environment and creature materials and textures.
  6. Apply 3D techniques that demonstrate characters with realistic motion and a full range of emotion in animated characters.
  7. Incorporate 3D animated characters with composited backgrounds utilizing special effects.
  8. Utilize a variety of digital applications including video and audio editing software and technologies.
  9. Integrate sophisticated technologies into 3D animated films, videos, and games.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this program will be prepared to work as 3D animators, character designers, effects artists, storyboard artists and level designers for the film, video, animation, and game industries. They will also be well prepared to work for companies creating television commercials, industrial and commercial videos, and educational material.

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