• Sep 03, 2021

Talented But Stuck

Once, on this platform called Facebook, I asked Gospel artists, "What do you mean when you say that you bless lives?".

I recall, there was no answer.

Not that I was surprised. I wasn't. I didn't expect an answer. We are a people so immersed in 'Christianees' that we never question many things we say that make us feel good.

I personally think that no one exhibits the fullness of their gifting if all they see is limited. I believe it was that lesson God was trying to teach us when He said to Abraham 'as far as your eyes can see'. It is not just in what your eyes can see, it is how far your eyes can see. Guess what? How far anyone can see is tied to how far their brains can think.


I would like to think that to bless lives will be in service that has direct impact that can be recognised, measured and repeated, solving very practical problems. 


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For me, some of the people blessing life’s the most across the world are business people. 

Reason? They are creating solutions to solve people’s problems/pain and for a token exchange in legal tender people have their problem solved.


No problem-solving idea is from the devil. His role has been defined from the age’s past - to steal, kill and destroy. 

Now this is the other twist. Blessing lives as it were within any system is a locked chain responsibility. It means that for this to happen, there is either a long chain or short chain of interconnected. 

How Does This Concern the Gospel Artiste?

Every single sector in life that finds business expression attracts the attention of those who really need their help through music. Music is a viable tool through which you can call the attention of people creatively to be "blessed". You see where I am going right?

Music around business is often termed advertising. 

But there is a problem, advertising is a SECULAR RESPONSIBLITY and our Gospel artistes cannot be found making secular music even if it will bless lives because what is secular is 'demonic and usually they know the spirit behind it".

“God puts a gift in man, to bless him. Man puts his bias to stop the hand of God from blessing him”


After Thought 1

Is this not part of why a lot more people are frustrated with the church?

They want the church to do for them what they have deliberately refused to do for themselves. They have abdicated responsibilities just for the satisfaction of religious fanaticism.

After Thought 2.

You will never be able to position right in an area you are not knowledgeable that your gift can find expression.

100s of companies are emerging. Understand the impact of music in the market place, its psychological effects and biological effect plus the fact that you embody the skill allows you pitch your gift rightly without waiting to be found.

Marketing today has become more upfront - find your potential client and stand right in front of their faces till they see you.

You cannot do that when you already have a bias and do not know the full potential of your gift outside the walls if religion.


Written By Olumati