15 Side Business Ideas You Can Start In The Creative Industry

side business ideas you can start

15 side business ideas you can start in the creative industry, at the moment we all know the Nigeria economy is not smiling on anyone, inflation standing at 20.77% and under employment standing tall at 33% so my dear I think now is the right time of starting a side business because it never hurts to have multiple income streams, especially when you’re building a business. Having a side hustle (or two) can be an excellent way to keep money coming in, easing your anxiety and lessening some of the financial burdens that come from entrepreneurship not to even thing about the hash condition of the economy at the moment.

So, let’s get into it without further delay crap your popcorn relax and learn ways you can make money for yourself from this 15 side business ideas I will be sharing with you.

15 side business ideas you can start in the creative industry

  1. Run Instagram Or Tiktok Ads For Other Businesses

If you’re a world-class marketer, you can make a lot of extra money by marketing for other brands that aren’t so savvy in reaching the Gen-Z audience. Work your network to uncover business owners you know who need this service. You can make $1,000 a month or more without taking up too much of your time.

2. Start A Youtube Channel

There’s a lot of ad money to be made on YouTube. For example, my wife is a Registered Nurse here in Los Angeles. During her days off, she has been sharing her healthcare and personal experiences of pregnancy and parenting an infant on her YouTube channel. It’s a creative outlet for her that helps others broaden their knowledge while also earning some ad revenue.

3. Photography

If photography is more your medium, providing photography services at weddings can be a lucrative business.

The profitability of a running a photo studio business cannot be overstretched. Owning a photo studio automatically makes you a boss of yourself. Employing people to work in your studio makes you a job creator in the society. Photography services are demanded almost hourly by almost everyone.

4. Clothing Designer

You could also design clothing items from scratch and then work to get your line featured in stores or boutiques or even start your own.

5. Personal Stylist

If you don’t necessarily want to design the clothes but you still have a passion for fashion, you can build a business working as a personal stylist to help clients shop and put together outfits.

6. Makeup Artist

Makeup is another area that requires a lot of creativity. You can start a salon type of business or even just travel to work with clients at their location.

7. Sell An Online Course

Teach others how to become a master of your craft with online courses. Once the initial setup is complete, this is an excellent way to earn passive income. There are plenty of platforms out there to try, like ThinkificTeachable and Kajabi.

8. Get Paid For Your Advice

Consultants are in high demand. Even better, being a consultant is entirely flexible. You can consult for as many or as few hours as you want in a given month. Register as an expert on Clarity and charge $10 a minute or more for your time. People can schedule calls with you to hear your advice and discuss their ideas, and you get paid for talking about your experiences. It’s a win-win situation.

9. Write A Book

You have a unique story. Write it down, then sell it on Amazon. Use Amazon’s self-publishing service to have your book distributed on Kindle or paperback. Be sure to work with an editor before publishing to ensure that your book is polished and professional. Once it’s online, you’ll get paid as people buy it. In addition to earning some extra income, you’ll build your reputation and increase your digital profile. This can be very helpful as you launch your new business.

10. Graphic Design

We live in a digital world, which means digital art is equally important. Starting a graphic design business is a great way to flex your creative muscles while also providing a valuable service to businesses. You can work on branding campaigns by creating logos or social media graphics for businesses, help design products, refresh websites, or sell design templates you create. From super fun and creative projects to B2B focused sales materials, there is no shortage of work for graphic designers to apply their creativity to.

11. Calligraphy

Beautiful penmanship is one thing, but calligraphy is a next-level skill that not many people have bragging rights to. Calligraphy is used in many art forms, as well as products such as wedding invitations and place cards. Both consumers and businesses alike need beautiful calligraphy services, so consider starting a freelance calligraphy business to serve these various needs.

12. Branding Consultant

Every business needs strong branding if they want to send a clear and memorable message to their customers. While many larger businesses have branding experts in house, smaller businesses may need a little help in the branding department. Like many creative business ideas, branding consulting can combine design, photography, and copy skills—so this is the perfect career for someone who likes to work on the complete picture of a creative project. By helping businesses make a name for themselves, you can make a lucrative career in the arts.

13.  Art Teacher

If you have any of the creative skills mentioned previously in this list, then you can also consider spreading your knowledge by teaching them to others. Whether that be hosting a still life painting class with 30 pupils or tutoring students one-on-one in the art of calligraphy. You could offer digital art classes or create educational social media content. You may also create courses that other teachers can use in their classes. Find the teaching method that works for you and spread the word about your new business.

14. Tattoo Artist

Did you know that the tattoo industry brings in $3 billion dollars a year? Tattoos continue to gain popularity and people are willing to spend a good chunk of change for a high-quality tattoo. Of course, being a tattoo artist requires some major skills and a very steady hand—it’s an art form through and through. So, if you have the skills and want to create artwork that will stay with a person for their entire lives, this may just be the art business idea for you.

15. Art Director

The title art director can encompass a variety of jobs. Some art directors help create films, others design magazine layouts, some plan massive marketing campaigns, and others oversee the entire branding for a company. These are just a few of many examples of jobs that art directors do, but what most have in common is they plan the overall design for a project, whatever that may look like. If you have a passion for styling, photography, graphic design, and typography, then being an art director may just help you combine all of your creative interests.

Top 6 Highest Paid Photographers In Nigeria

Today we will be talking about the highest paid photographers in Nigeria because years ago, photographers in Nigeria use to be a business for school dropouts or misfits, but in today’s world it’s no longer that way because the business of photography has evolved it’s no longer a profession for dropouts or misfits. The industry reeks of artistic expressions that question humanity. Featured in this article are top wedding photographers in Nigeria, the best female photographer in Nigeria, celebrity photographers in Nigeria, photographers in Lagos Nigeria and some of the top photographers in Lagos itself. Nigeria is long overdue for a standard school of photography. The photography business in Nigeria is booming. And if you are interested in the art of photography you can enroll with Kennysoft Film Academy to start your journey.

Here is our list of the highest paid photographers in Nigeria

  • Kelechi Amadi-Obi

Number one on our list of photographers in Nigeria is Kelechi Amadi-Obi. Here’s why; kelechi dazzles with colours and light. You could learn a few tricks from his Youtube tutorials. His Wiki portfolio is massive but what catches my eyes is the appealing texture in the skin tones of his subjects.

If you have a thing for nighttime pictures, then keep Kelechi’s words close to your heart.

Starting as a lawyer Kelchi has become a renowned force in the creative scene says Vogue and I can’t help but nod to that.

  • TY Bello

Toyin Sokefun-Bello needs no introduction. If I’m partial, TY is my favourite celebrity cinematographer on this list of Top ten photographers in Nigeria. Her photo style gets me because TY understands that less is more. I like to think the best stories are the ones we’ve lived. If you’re that type of artist who is inspired by a person’s history and personal journey, then you should follow TY because she’d teach you depth in one shot. Her work puts the famed quote in perspective: “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” — Aaron Siskind

  • Obi Somto 

Obi Somto is a young photography who has always been art inclined. He was Born August 1, 1988, Obi Somto is a force behind a camera lens. Obi has always had the desire to draw, mould, paint and carve and his career as a photographer kicked off when he discovered his power in photoshop and fireworks. He launched his professional career as a graphic designer and illustrator in 2010. Obi Somto holds a degree in Banking and Finance from Babcock University, Ogun State, Nigeria and has since then made a name for himself in the creative field. He has photographed dignitaries and celebrities including former President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Ebele Goodluck Jonathan. Obi Somto has also been commissioned by renowned bodies such as African Council of Optometry and The Sight and Hope Foundation among others.

  • Adeola Olagunju 

Adeola Olagunju is not your regular Nigerian photographer. She has a degree in Fine and Applied Arts (Graphics Design) and has worked as a Graphics Artist in various advertising agencies in Lagos. Adeola Olagunju works majorly with photographs however, her artistic palette consists of a range of media such as video, paintings, and collages. Known to explore themes surrounding her environment, self, and memory with documentary and a conceptual approach, Adeola Olagunju has been resident at Kuona Trust Centre for Visual Art in Nairobi, Kenya and the Lagos Photo Summer School exchange programme in Berlin, Germany. She has participated in Photography Master classes and exhibitions locally and internationally. She was also the recipient of the Lagos Photo Festival Award in 2012 and the Young Art Fund Amsterdam Award in 2013.


  • Aisha Augie-Kuta 

Aisha Augie-Kuta was born April 11th, 1980 in Zaira, Kaduna State, Nigeria. She is a Nigerian photographer and filmmaker based in Abuja and is also the daughter of late Senator Adamu Baba Augie and Justice Amina Adamu Augie (JSC). Her love for photography began at a young age when her father gifted her a camera. Augie-Kuta received a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and is studying for an MSc in Media and communication at the Pan African University, Lagos, now Pan Atlantic University. Heavily awarded and recognised, Aisha Augie-Kuta has made contributions toward girl child/youth development and nation building. She has been a frequent facilitator at the annual gathering of photographers, Nigeria Photography Expo & Conference; a panelist and speaker at various events; and has spoken at TEDx events in Nigeria

  • Ade Adekola 

Ade Adekola is a Nigerian born conceptual artist, photographer, and architect. He can be described as a seasoned documenter and keen cultural observer. Ade Adekola is known to make his artwork in series called ‘think pieces’. He actively makes use of technology in his process of creation, both as statement and tool, to achieve specific visuals effects and also to reinforce the social and intellectual narrative of the work. Ade Adekola produces art that is colourful, filled with humour, movement and cultural iconology. The work of this Lagos based genius shines a new light on the art of photography.

Best Top 6 Video Editing Apps For Android

Are you one of those looking for the latest and best video editing apps for Android? You’ll find a list of the top applications to edit video on your Android smartphone.

There are an ever-growing number of Android video editors available on the Play Store today. And unless you know exactly what your requirements are, it can become overwhelming to zero in and figure out which is the best video editing app for Android.

So, in this article, we will give you a low down of the top 5 best video editing apps for android – both free and paid, to help you make a more informed choice and kickstart your video editing journey.

Top 6 Best 5 Video Editing Apps For Android

  1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Price: Free / Up to $53.99 per month

Adobe Premiere Rush is another best free video editing app for Android without watermark that enables you to edit any video right from your Android device quickly. It is fast and fun to use.

Adobe calls the free video editing app “designed specifically for online video creators.” What this means is that the app knows the specific video adjustments you will require for social media platforms. Naturally, the video can be shared on multiple social media sites through the app.

Apart from the standard video editing functions, you can apply video effects, change color, create pan and zoom effects, add custom made animated titles and more. The app has built-in camera functionality to capture high-quality videos.

The Android app also features audio tools for sound balancing and auto-ducking. The best part, however, is that you can have multiple video tracks to smoothen your workflow. It is free to download and does not display any ads.


All-in-one video editor app for Android users.

One can add a thumbnail and schedule posts for TikTok, YouTube, etc.

App Installs: Over 1 million
Google Play Store Rating: 4.0



Useful export options

Free starter plan


The full version requires a subscription

 Download Adobe Premiere Rush

  1. Filmr

The Filmr app is a super easy-to-use video editing app for Android as well as iOS-based phones. Perfect for both beginners as well as advanced video creators- it has a simple, fast and intuitive interface. You can add transitions, effects, filters and more to transform a basic video to something that is uber cool. If you’re looking for speed, agility and a premium look for your videos, Filmr is the place for you.

Review: Filmr has gained an overall rating of 4.4/5 based on reviews from 8,126 users and has 1 million and growing downloads on Playstore.

Price: It has a free version that allows you to create videos with an InVideo watermark. The paid plans start from $15/month

Key Features:

– No limit on the number of images/videos you can import
– Smooth and unique transitions between videos
– Multiple fonts to make your text stand out
– Switch video format with ease: horizontal (16:9 and 4:5), vertical (4:3), stories (9:16), and square (1:1)
– 20 million+ royalty free music library
– Exclusive filters and effects to transform videos


– The best thing about Filmr is that it has zero ads!
– It has a vertical editing timeline which makes video editing super convenient, unlike other apps
– Can reorder videos, photos and audio clips with a simple drag-and-drop
– Lets you search for any song with a simple search or add music from your existing files
– Reverse, Rotate and Flip videos with one tap
– Get rid of the watermark easily by just watching an ad or going PRO
– Save to gallery or export directly to any social media app
– Set the duration of the transitions down to specific seconds
– Directly shoot videos via the app and edit
– Customise the duration of text on video on the text bar


– There is no undo option in its Android version
– Limited number of filters
– Cannot record a voice-over directly on the app
– Cannot choose the video resolution before saving
– It does not support multiple languages

Create stunning videos in minutes

With the easiest mobile editing app

Try Filmr today

  1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a remarkable Android video editor app that is liked by many users.  All the primary functions like trimming, cutting, adding themes, music, etc. can be easily performed. You can also make 1:1 square videos for Instagram, 16:9 videos for Youtube, create reverse videos, add transitions, slow motion, text, etc. to beautify your video.

FilmoraGo has some in-app purchases, but most of its fantastic features are available for free. You can either save the videos directly in your gallery or share them straight to social media. Videos edited in the free version have a watermark at the end of the video.


Clips can be previewed in real-time.

Photos and videos can be imported from social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Extensive collection of templates and effects.

A set of professional editing tools.

App Installs: Over 50 million
Google Play Store Rating: 4.6


Offers a variety of features

Easy-to-use interface

Access to high-quality templates and presets in the Pro version


No tutorials on how to use the presets and templates

Minor app glitches

 Download FilmoraGo

  1. InShot

Price: Free / $2.99 per month / $9.99 per year / $29.99 lifetime

If you are a video editor for Android that leaves no watermark, then InShot is one of the best ones out there. It features an intuitive interface and the ads do not interfere with your work. However, you will need to watch an ad if you want to remove the watermark on your video.

It has all the standard features that you would expect from a video editing app such as trim, crop, split, option to apply video effects, etc. Other than that, there is an option to freeze a select part of the video.

You can get 4K exports and even choose from different frame rates.If you are a TikToker or are looking to upload videos on Instagram, then InShot is a great video editing app for you.


4K uploads and multiple frame rate options

In-house music effects

Platform-based aspect ratio options

App Installs: Over 100 million
Google Play Store Rating: 4.8


Easy-to-use interface

Fast and efficient video processing


Lacks advanced features

Need to pay to remove watermarks

 Download InShot

  1. KineMaster

Price: Free / $4.99 per month

Combined with a well-designed interface along with powerful features, KineMaster is one of the best video editing apps available on Android. It enables the drag-n-drop technique to import different media files easily. KineMaster offers remarkable levels of control over the editing process to create professional videos quickly. You can add different types of transitions in between video fragments, or insert blocks of text or subtitles.

However, the removal of the watermark and full access to premium assets can only be accessed if you purchase the professional edition of the app. Besides this, most of the functions come in the free version.


Multiple layers of videos, images, text, effects, overlays, stickers, and handwriting can be combined.

Instant preview feature to view the editing

Precise volume control from moment to moment within a clip

App Installs: Over 100 million
Google Play Store Rating: 4.4


Offers advanced editing features

Contains multi-track editing

Easy-to-use interface


Watermarks on the free version

Minor app glitches on less powerful devices

 Download KineMaster

  1. Funimate

Price: Free with in-app purchases

Funimate is the next entry on the list of the best Android video editor apps. It can instantly transform everyday moments into creative videos and enables automatic sharing options on different social sites. It has over a hundred advanced video effects that are designed to be a perfect match for editing short videos. You can even make short video loops which can be entertaining.

Funimate requires signing in before using the app. You can also get followers and follow other accounts in it. It is one of the best free video editing apps, but the displayed ads can be annoying.


More than 100 advanced video effects for making cool videos

DIY effects from pre-existing photos stored on your smartphone

Feature to make collab videos with friends

A dedicated Funimate video community

App Installs: Over 10 million
Google Play Store Rating: 4.4


Easy-to-use interface

Offers various presets


Minor app glitches

 Download Funimate


While there are many apps to choose from, we recommend using FilmoraGo, Adobe Premiere Rush, or InShot for the best experience. While these apps are partly paid, they offer the best value for your money with their set of features, so we included them in this list of the best Android video editor apps.

Best Top 5 Video Editing Studios In Nigeria


The world is evolving so is the way we connect, communicate, market our services and products and also live our lives and one of those evolution is social media, social media has evolved and especially with the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, video content has not only risen to the top content format spot, it has also become a major part of the marketer’s arsenal, commanding larger and larger budget allocations in all industries worldwide.

It has also helped that social technology has improved enough to afford HD video streaming just about anywhere in the world. The relevance, impact and power of video cannot be overstated.

So, whether you are a small business, a growing brand or an international behemoth, video is the language with which you communicate with your audience now and in the future.

So, in this article, we’ll look at some of the top Video Editing Studios in Nigeria


  1. Kennysoft STUDIOs

K.S. Kennysoft Studios Production Limited (RC 1720211) is a Nigerian Video and Animation Production Studio Located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Nigeria. It’s recognized as the best and leading video and animation content creator in Nigeria. Founded in May, 2015 the company today boasts of a committed 10-man team that can successfully carry out a project. Since inception kennysoft STUDIOs has introduced the Nigerian video and animation industry to a new breed of professional video and animation services right at heart of Nigeria’s garden city – Rivers state, helping our clients save money on projects that would otherwise have been outsourced.


  1. Pulse Studio

Pulse Studio is a commercial video production team, working as a sub brand of Pulse with teams in 5 African markets. The Pulse Studio team comprises talented writers, cinematographers, directors and editors with decades of cumulative experience between them. Pulse has worked on some of the most culture-defining and iconic video productions in Nigeria in the time that it has been operative, for international brands (Nike, Jameson) and leading Nigerian brands across the industry spectrum.

Pulse Studio is able to create culturally relevant story ideas, resulting in visual experiences for the end audience that are very relatable and shareable.


  1. Ultima Studios

Ultima describes itself as a full-service media and entertainment company. The team has demonstrated strong capabilities in television production particularly, having put their signature on some of the most important entertainment content on Nigerian television for the past decade. Although Ultima has been around for a while, and has perfect expertise in more traditional media capabilities, the company has remained relevant in delivering digital experiences in recent times.


  1. X3M

X3M Ideas has built a reputation as a full-service digital agency, with strong capabilities in video production for music, television and brand purposes.


  1. Insight Publicis

Like the other video production units in this list, Insight Publicis is a digital agency with a great video team. The Insight video team has executed commercial videos and films that are much loved by the target audience, showing a good understanding of culture.


Conclusion: Video has become prominent across the world. Even though we’re seeing more video creation from mobile cameras and amateur creators, there is still an opportunity for brands looking to connect deeply with their audience at scale to weave great stories and influence culture through great films. These brands can benefit from the experience and expertise of some of these video editing and production studios in Nigeria.

Kennysoft STUDIOs is one of the best video post production companies offering high quality professional video editing services unique to your business. If you have footage or clips that you need editing to your taste, adding text, overlays, effects, animations, sound effects, logo, intro, etc. then Kennysoft STUDIOs is right here for you. We have a dedicated team of video editors, wherein each team specializes in a particular segment. Get personalized videos edited as per your brand vision and style.

We have edited videos across industries, including Wedding Events, Education, Music, eCommerce, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Finance, Technology, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Food industry, etc. With over a decade of multi-industry and multimedia experience, we have successfully delivered small and complex video editing jobs worldwide. Kennysoft STUDIOs specializes in serving companies, directors, filmmakers, producers, videographers, cinematographers, and individuals with video post production service worldwide. Moreover, we also assist Digital Marketing Agencies with social media ads and videos.


Best 6 Video Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents in today’s digital world now understand that having videos is a great way to market their business. YouTube and Facebook Live are a great way to lead generate and having fun videos is a sure way to attract more buyers and sellers.

When looking at real estate market statistics from the past few years, it’s clear that technology continues to dramatically influence home buying — thanks in no small part to tactics like real estate video marketing.

Not just that video marketing is one of the best ways to generate real estate leads in 2022. You don’t have to take our word for it—listings with video receive over 403% more inquiries than those without. Besides, 63% of homeowners are likely to hire an agent who uses video over one that doesn’t.

This shows just how much potential video holds to get you the right set of buyers for all your listings. Why video marketing is essential

Video marketing has been an essential part of many businesses marketing strategies in recent years. In fact, 9 out of 10 marketers used video in their marketing campaigns in 2020. This number has increased this past year in particular, in part thanks to the move towards a more digitally friendly world that the COVID-19 pandemic caused. Here are some facts that shed light on the effectiveness of video marketing:

Facts About Video Marketing For Real Estate Agents.

Videos are a consumers’ favorite type of content to see from a brand.

54% of consumers want to see more video content from businesses.

84% of consumers say they bought a product or service after watching a brand’s video.

Moreover, consumers are much more likely to engage with videos by liking, commenting on, or sharing them. Sharing in particular is very important, as this is the internet’s equivalent to word of mouth. If the general internet population seems to like and trust a product or service, others are more likely to like and trust it as well.

To put it simply, not incorporating videos into your brand’s marketing could have you losing out on an untapped audience.

So, to help you succeed as a real estate agent we’ve compiled a list of the best real estate video ideas you can use to spread the word about your business and generate high-quality leads this year. And once you have your idea chosen, you can turn it into a compelling video and we at kennysoft STUDIOs are here to help you bring your idea to life.

1.   Share a realtor testimonial video on social media

Testimonials build social proof and enhance your credibility, but video testimonials kick these benefits up a notch with a personal element. In fact, a study revealed that two out of three people are driven to purchase after watching a testimonial video—and real estate is no exception.

People trust people, and watching and hearing your happy clients talk about their experience working with you can help attract leads and convince them about your services. Add storytelling and emotion to that, and you’ve got yourself a winning video.

You can ask clients for testimonials at your open house, when you close the deal, or when you’re done with all the work. Ask them what it was like working with you, so they elaborate on how you understood their needs and helped them find their dream house. If your client doesn’t know

You can ask clients for testimonials at your open house, when you close the deal, or when you’re done with all the work. Ask them what it was like working with you, so they elaborate on how you understood their needs and helped them find their dream house. If your client doesn’t know what to say, give them some talking points or write it on a piece of paper in front of them so they don’t get stuck and can give a flawless testimonial without hesitation.

You can then share the testimonials you record individually or compile them and create a montage video. Either way, testimonials make for great content for various platforms—you can share them on your website, YouTube, and as posts or ads on Facebook and Instagram, just like the …. Real Estate did here

 You can shoot a testimonial video with your mobile while ensuring you’re in a noise-free environment with a good background. You can also shoot this video in front of your client’s new house to take it up a level.

Credit : The Hawkins

To compile all the clips together and present them in an attractive way, you can contact kennysoft STUDIOs to help you edit the video, like the one we’ve shown below. You can customize it with your videos, text, music, add subtitles and even change the layers and order of slides to create an attention-grabbing video that’ll hook your viewers and convert them into future buyers.

1.   Create a real estate promo video

Real estate promo videos are an excellent way to show potential buyers the services you provide, the work you’ve done till now, and give them a sneak peek into what it would be like to work with you. It’s essentially a promotional video for your services as a real estate agent or agency.

You can create short promo videos to run as ads on social media or include one as an explainer video on your website.

Apart from high-quality images, use strong copy with a touch of emotion to make the buyer feel something, and drive action through emotion. Additionally, this video should mention your active location and display your sales history with data. At last, end your video with a strong CTA comprising your name and contact information like phone number, email address, and website.

You can even make longer videos for YouTube and talk about your goals, mission, and how you connect buyers with their dream homes. This promo video from real estate agent fits well in this category.

To create a promo video, you can either hire a professional videographer or do it yourself on a budget by shooting the clips from your phone and compiling them together with InVideo’s fully-customizable real estate promo video template. Just add your images, edit the text as you want, change the music to your liking with our stock library, and you’ll have your professional-looking video ready in minutes.

2.   Shoot a realtor intro video

Introduction or profile videos help first-time visitors put a name and face to your brand and build trust. They also help people understand how you work and whether you’ll be a good fit for their real estate needs. Further, you can use this one piece of content on all your platforms—on your website, as your YouTube channel trailer, or a pinned post on Facebook. You can even send this as a welcome email whenever a prospective lead signs up to your email list.

The simplest way to go about an intro video is to use and modify what you wrote on your website’s about page. You need to show who you are, your background, certifications, awards, achievements, and previous sales. But that’s not the only thing—you can also talk about your hobbies, interests, and why you love your work. The idea is to humanize your brand, so don’t be afraid to show a little personality

3.   Create a property listing video

When you think of real estate videos, the first thing that comes to mind is listing videos. Think beautiful properties, shot from aesthetic angles, with super fine furnishing and a lush garden—wouldn’t you want to buy it?

In fact, in 2020, 63% of homebuyers made an offer on a home they’d only seen virtually. This shows how effective listing and walkthrough videos are in giving prospects a look and feel of the property and driving deals forward.

For example, consider this listing video from Team Pinto. The real estate agent takes you through the property and its amenities herself—besides giving a comprehensive look at the house, which also helps build a personal connection with viewers.

But if this doesn’t sound like you, you can just capture stunning photos and videos of your property (with your mobile even), compile them into a video and add some music or text to it. It will be effective in showing off your property and getting a waiting list of buyers. Here’s a great example of such a video.

For shooting a property listing or walkthrough video, you can either hire an expensive film and production crew or shoot yourself in bright natural light with your mobile. Just make sure you’ve set it to the highest resolution and use a gimbal or tripod to prevent your video from being shaky and unclear.

Credit: Now Homes

4.   Educate your audience on renovation mistakes to avoid

Besides using videos to promote your properties and business directly, you can also use them to educate your audience, showcase your expertise, and build their faith in your services. This will nurture potential buyers by meaningfully adding value to them.

Videos on mistakes that home buyers make, like “popular home renovations to avoid” are great ideas for this. They help you solve the real-life problems your prospects face, increase their chances of turning to you when they need your services, and generate more warm leads.

Transform Real Estate does a fabulous job at this, talking about home renovation mistakes to avoid to help you increase your home value for when you plan to sell.  You can either create a long-form spoken video and publish it on YouTube like the example above or a quick animated video educating yor audience.

Credit: Graham Stephan 

5.   Share A List Of Kitchen Improvements On Instagram

The home improvement-DIY industry enjoys a good audience, and research says that videos are their preferred mode of information.

You, too, can create and leverage videos to attract this audience and put your business in front of them to generate more warm leads. Moreover, home improvement videos can also help you stay on the radar of those prospects who are remodeling their home to put it on the market soon.

While YouTube is an excellent place for such videos, you can also make short and crisp videos on topics like “kitchen remodeling on a budget” and post them on Instagram—even as reels.

You can take inspiration from this quick and engaging video.

Credit: BuzzFeed Nifty

Ready To Get started?

Real estate video marketing can boost your business by generating new leads, creating more engagement with your brand, and giving you an appealing and captivating way to show off listings to a wide audience.

In a time when the world keeps becoming more digital, it’s more important than ever to adapt to the world of video marketing.

Remember, the ideas for how to market your video and business overall are wide and varied, giving you plenty of opportunities to show the best of what you have to offer.

You can get started by brainstorming video ideas that reflect your business’s vision and general approach to real estate. After you create your video, you’ll need to pick the best channel to promote it. The first step can feel like the hardest, but in no time you’ll be reaping the benefits that come with video marketing.

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How Much Does A Music Video Cost In Nigeria

How Much Does A Music Video Cost In Nigeria? is one of the many question a lot of upcoming and fast raising artiste ask a lot and today we will be enlisting to you all you need to know about the cost of music video production in Nigeria.

The Nigerian music industry has really grown from what it used to be 20 years ago, this growth has affected a lot of other sectors of the industry and one of those sector is the music video production of the songs of this artistes.

Not just that, the improved quality of the music video production is one of the many reasons behind the increased popularity of Nigerian pop music, online and offline. And behind these memorable videos are teams of inventive, dedicated professionals. 

It is a well-known fact that Music videos are now as important as the songs in reaching new markets and sustaining the tempo of air play. With the increase in smartphone usage and cheaper internet data, the ability to view videos online (YouTube) and download the latest videos from sites like Tooxclusive.com and Notjustok.com has never been easier.

Why Are Music Videos Important to Artistes?

There are 2 major ways through which music videos help artists:



Typically, music videos are produced and released in the early stage of a songs’ release cycle, intended to drive exposure through additional channels for fans to consume, whether they are shown on TV, or streamed in a public area.

When brands enter the picture and strategically place products in music videos, it can produce a new revenue stream for the artiste while also building exposure for the brand. (Nielsen.com)

What Does A Standard Music Video Production Budget Cover?

A standard Nigerian video can cost between N2 million and N10 million depending on the production budget of the artiste.

A standard and top quality video production budget covers the following but not limited to the following:

  • Concept development
  • Casting
  • On-camera talent
  • Pre-production
  • Choreography
  • Rehearsals
  • Location fees
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Production equipment
  • Production crew
  • Editing
  • Visual effects
  • Color correction
  • Video encoding
  • Digital delivery

So What Changed the Nigeria Music Video Scene?

With the breakthrough in Nigerian music crossing borders and foreigners beginning to appreciate our music better, the Nigerian artistes caught the buzz and improved the quality of videos. However, this wasn’t done without some notable names.

Enter Clarence Peters who took over the market around 2005/06. He changed the face of the Nigerian videos. What Clarence Peters had that others before him like DJ Tee didn’t have was a good Camera, in fact he was a very good Camera handler which was his unique selling point.

Most Nigerian videos made use of the Mac3 or Mac2 years back, but Peters was the first to use the D7 camera. With time other producers followed suit and consequently the quality of videos improved.

Reasons Why Nigeria Videos Cost Much

Concept: Some Directors have their own in-house creative services department with a team of writers, directors and designers who help develop creative options for the artistes to choose from. This will definitely cost money.

For example, DJ Tee directed the ‘Eniduro’ which shot Olamide to limelight. In the video Olamide wore 25 different outfits and in addition the video was in black and white.

Technology: Nigerian videos are now advanced and producers have moved from using Coma shoots/ Greenhouse effect where the video is shot in one house or location. With the aid of Cameras like D7 used by producers to shoot videos, this has driven up the cost of videos shootings. This is because some of these cameras are quite expensive and require efficient maintenance.

Logistics, Wardrobe, and Props: These items determine the look of the video, and their importance cannot be overstated in terms of the final product.

Good locations can be expensive, and sometimes even requires existing relationships. Even free locations end up costing money. It is easily noticeable that lots of Nigerian artists travel to places like South Africa, Dubai, America to shoot videos and the locations used in these places require lots of money.

Ash Hamman a UAE-based Nigerian-born artist is reported to have shot the most expensive video in the Emirates. The video gulped a whooping DH850, 000. The money was spent to rent flashy cars, luxurious yachts and beautiful girls.

He said “I want to make a statement. Let me do what everybody is doing, but do it on a larger scale. I said ok, people want to use one Lamborghini? I want five (5) Lamborghinis. People want to use five (5) choppers? I want seven (7) choppers. People want one (1) girl? I got seven (7) girls.”

For his video, he ended up using 13 exotic cars, 3 yachts and 40 female models.

The Cast and Crew: A great music video requires lots of talented people. A shoot generally involves at least 7-10 production professionals. These people work on day rates and sometimes bring their creativity and scripts on how they want the video to look like.

For example, when Clarence peters shot the video for ‘Ghostmode’ Olamide ft Phyno. An eye-witness who was at the making of the video confirmed that about 10 tankers of water and flowers were used during the shoot.

Availability of resources: Much more money is flowing in the music industry with artists selling millions of albums, million-dollar sponsorship deals from the top companies in the land. Lots of these money is spent on music videos to keep pleasing the fans and maintaining the make-believe lifestyle these artists live.

Olu Maintains’ ‘Enuf Effizi’ has been claimed to be the most expensive music video. Olu Maintain has been a big player in the game for a long time and has the resources to spend so much. In the video he used a Private Jet, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and expensive PROFESSIONAL models.

P square has one of the highest selling albums in the country and also generate the highest revenue from shows for any African artist or group. They have featured American Rapper Rick Ross in their video shot in the US on a yacht. We all know how much it is to feature a foreign “A” list artist, then to also get him to appear on the video also. This would cost as much as $30,000 in cash.

Experience and Connection of Producer/Director: Only a handful of people know that Clarence Peters worked on the set of TV Programme Everyday People as Assistant Director, then he went to South Africa, came back and had a deal with TV Station Soundcity. The deal was that for every of the video he directs, he has a playing slot on the station. This also helps drive his price because Nigerian Artists know that once he directs their videos the chances of their videos being aired is higher.

Sesan, another famous Producer who shoots all of Mavin records videos has his style. He doesn’t shoot low budget videos and wouldn’t want to work with the Artists budget, even if the artist has over 1 million Naira.

What about the rave of the moment Mr. ThankGod Omori Jesam popularly known as TG Omori or Boy Director, At the moment, he is indisputably one of the most prolific music video directors in the countryHe has more than 100 music videos to his name. With top Nigerian musicians like Olamide, Wizkid, Burna Boy, Tekno, Kiss Daniel, Fireboy DML, Falz, Timaya, and Naira Marley on his list.

Final Thought

Conclusively, a major factor attributed to the expensive nature of producing videos here in Nigeria or anywhere is the excuse artistes give concerning the exchange rate between the naira and the dollar. They argue that if the Federal Government gives the same or better treatment as the one given to pilgrims as it affects the exchange rate, their bills will be minimal in producing music videos.

Best Top 10 Film Schools In Nigeria

There will always be need for film schools in Nigeria, why! the entertainment industry in Nigeria is rapidly growing a very fast paste and to accommodate that growth we need professionals to fill up professional spaces in the film industry and that’s where you need film schools.
Lot of talented youths are seriously seeking for the best film schools in Nigeria, academies and institutes in Nigeria where the tutors have vast experience in the filmmaking industry so as to register and get trained in acting, video directing, filmmaking, photography, animation and cinematography just to mention a few.
Are you one of them?
Have you been considering a glorious career in acting and filmmaking?
If YES, then this article is only what you need to read today.
Nollywood is one of the Nigerian biggest industries and had produced brilliant talents over the years in terms of writers, producers, actors and actresses, cinematographers just to mention a few.
The likes of Chico Ejiro, Emem Isong, Funke Akindele, Uche Jombo, Saint Obi, Mercy Johnson, Chidi Mokeme, Richard Mofe Damijo, Genevieve Nnaji, Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze and so many talents are all Nollywood products.
Nollywood presence has become an avenue for many Nigerians to gain their dream of working in the entertainment industry.
So, if you’re dreaming of becoming a star on television you need to attend a good film school well equipped with material and human resources to bring out your creativity.
Fortunately, several training academies and institutes are in Nigeria, targeting people who wish to discover their talents in film making.
Without further ado, allow me to unveil the list of best film schools in Nigeria:

Top film schools in Nigeria

  1. PEFTI Film Institute
    Wale Adenuga Productions, found PEFTI Film Institute Limited in 2004, to provide opportunities for newcomers and seasoned professionals to gain professional training in the fields of film, television, and music production.
    • Programs Offered:
    • Acting and Presentation
    • Choreography
    • Costume and Makeup
    • Digital Film-making: Cinematography (Camera + Light + Sound)
    • Digital Film-making: Editing
    • Digital Photography (Photography + Picture Editing)
    • Directing
    • Music
    • Music Studio Production
    • Producing and Production Management
    • Script – Writing (Radio, Stage and Screen)
    • Set Design
    PEFTI Film Institute is in 5/6 Joy Avenue, by UBA Bank, off Osolo way, Ajao Estate, Isolo, P.O.Box 4325, Oshodi, Lagos State.
    Website: www.web.pefti.tv
  2. Royal Art Academy
    Royal Arts Academy, one of the most highly-rated film academies in Nigeria was established in July 2010 by Emem Isong to help in nurturing talent and skills, specifically in acting, directing, editing and screenwriting.
    In July 2016, the National Board of Technical Education (NBTE) accredited Royal Arts Academy.
    With each succeeding session, students poured in increasing numbers from all areas in Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Liberia, Kenya, Dubai and Mozambique.
    The students of this programme may proceed after this to polytechnics or universities for higher education.
    Alumni of the institution such as Theresa Edem, Ijeoma Agu, Lota Chukwu, Bunmi Ajakaiye, Etinosa Idemudia, May Owen, Debby Felix and Emem Ufot, gained ground and prominence in Nollywood, using the experience and knowledge gained to expand the canvas of the Nigerian entertainment industry.
    • Acting
    • Cinematography
    • Directing
    • Editing
    • Screenwriting
    Duration: 3 Months
    Lagos (₦123,500)
    Uyo (₦123,500)
    International Students ($491)
    Address: 4, Adebisi Close, off Ogunlana Drive, Surulere 100001, Lagos
    Email: info@royalartsacademy.com.ng
    Website: www.royalartsacademy.com.ng
  3. Kennysoft Film Academy
    Kennysoft Film Academy is one of Africa’s leading film and digital art institution, located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Offering certificates, diplomas and Workshops programs in filmmaking and digital art. We offer an intensive, hands-on, total immersion approach to learning, no previous experience is required. Simply put, “we give your dreams wings to fly”!
    Courses offers in diploma
    • Diploma In Digital Photography
    • Diploma In Digital Art
    • Diploma In Digital Filmmaking

Courses offers in certificate
• Certificate In 2d Animation
• Certificate In 3d Animation
• Certificate In Photo Editing And Photo Manipulation
• Certificate In Visual Effect
• Certificate In Video Editing
• Certificate In Motion Graphics
• Certificate In Cinematography

Email: academy@kennysoftstudio.com
Website: academy.kennysoftstudio.com
Tell: 08163876675

  1. Del-York Creative Academy
    The Del-York Creative Academy is Africa’s foremost capacity building institution for film, media, animation, technology, and marketing communications industry.
    Certified by Nigeria’s National Board for Technical Education, Del-York Creative Academy has remained the best filmmaking and media studies institution since its founding in 2010 by Mr. Linus Idahosa, and has since attracted participants from across Africa and as far as Europe and the Americas.
    This film and media school is pioneering the growth of the African Creative Industry, through its intensive hands-on training programs that provide a rich learning experience that empowers participants with the skills they need to lead successful, creative careers.
    The academy has a mission to build a vocational bridge for students between academia and industry guaranteeing professional success while training and empowering a generation of exceptional talent that will move Africa forward through cinema, storytelling and media innovation.
    • Acting For Film (On-Premise)
    • Screenwriting For Film and TV (On-Premise)
    • Cinematography and Set Lighting
    • Directing
    • Film Editing
    • Digital Content Creation and Social Media Influencing
    • Public Relations and Media Communications
    • 3D Animation
    • Producing and The Business of Film-Making
    • Fashion, Arts and Craft
    • Music Video Production
    • VFX
    • Intro To Theater Production
    • Makeup and Special Effects
    • Costume and Set Design
    • Digital Marketing
    • Photography
    • Colouring and Grading
    • Drones
    • Sound Design and Scoring For Film
    • Acting For Film (Online Course)
    • Screenwriting For Film and TV (Online Course)
    • Broadcast Journalism (Online Course)
    • Producing and The Business of Film and TV (Online Course)
    • Documentary Filmmaking (Online Course)
    • Digital Filmmaking (Online Course)
    • Digital Marketing (Online Course)
    • Fashion, Art and Crafts (Online Course)
    • Post-Production (Online Course)
    Email: inquiry@delyorkcreative.academy
    Website: www.delyorkcreative.academy
    3, Sapara Williams, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria
    117 East Colorado Blvd., Suite 600, Pasadena, California, USA
  2. Yul Edochie Academy
    Yul Edochie Academy is a subsidiary of Yul Edochie Arts World, a reputable and redefined academy for acting, and a training ground for actors/actresses with visions of training the next generation of actors.
    It is located at Dkk Plaza, KM 46 Lekki-Epe Express, Farms Bustop Beside Splash Bar, Ajah, Lagos Nigeria
    Phone no. 0903 830 0784, 0701 277 5557, 0903 735 9580.
  3. Scene One School of Drama
    Scene One School of Drama offers a training system that combines solid academic experience on introduction to drama, traditional and contemporary dance, music, etiquette and manners and lots more.
    Scene One School of Drama is located at, lkeja, Lagos Nigeria
  4. Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts (LAPA)
    Lufodo Academy of Performing Arts, LAPA, is an accredited acting and performing arts institution stationed in Lagos, Nigeria. This film school was founded by Nollywood legends Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs, is accredited by the National Board of Technical Education of Nigeria. , which delivers world-class, hands-on training in acting and performance disciplines.
    LAPA offers Diploma and Certificate training programmes covering all aspects of Acting, Directing, Scriptwriting, Critique, Cinematography, Set Design, Make-up, Costume Design and Dance/Movement for stage, radio and camera presentations.
  5. Film for Teens Africa Academy
    Film for Teens Africa Academy is a film school in Nigeria notable for 3D Animation, as much as anything else. Located in Lagos, Film for Teens Africa offers lessons undertaking cinematography, script writing, video editing, photography, make up, 3D animation and lots more.
  6. Magnus Film Academy (MFA)
    Noted as one of the best film schools in the country, Magnus Film Academy is located in Enugu state. It is dubbed by many as a place where aspiring actors and actresses hone their skills, and are transformed into movie acting professionals. Magnus film revolves around craft and digitalization, combining experienced and internationally renowned professionals and practical learning experience.
  7. Reach World Art Academy
    Reach World Art Academy provides acting education in all round entertainment ranging from music, dance, acting, standup comedy, MC, poet and lots more.
    It is located at Kilmore Schools at st.Rose of Lima cath. church Amukoko Roundabout, Gaskiya, Lagos Nigeria0706 390 6924, 0809 611 8676, 0903 736 6251

Final Thought
These are major film academies you should consider learning skills that will help you fit properly into the film industry in Nigeria.
As you should have known, to get trained in a wonderful filmmaking and cinematography school in Nigeria isn’t free, so budget money for your fees, accommodation, feeding, equipment’s.
It is necessary to opt for schools that can boast of the industry-standard training facilities to ensure you are getting quality value for your money.
Visit the official website of these film schools and institutes to make enquiries and get latest news and updates.
Beware of scammers that will parade as agents and schools.
Finally, if you know any film school in Nigeria that is equally a good option or shouldn’t be in this list, please let us know in the comment section.
Tell us the film school and why it is excellent or bad for upcoming actors and actresses in Nigeria.
I wish you success.

Best Top 10 Music Video Directors In Nigeria

This is our best music video directors in Nigeria, as you already know the Nigeria music industry has really improved and one of such improvement is on our visual, Nigeria is blessed with a lot of talented music artists – the bests in Africa No caps – who release hit songs ever now and then. Guess what? Some of the songs from your favorite artist’s won’t be as big as they are without their music videos. Music videos boosts an artist’s visibility and exposure exponentially as stated on Redbrick.

So I am going to give you a track list of the best among the best music video director in Nigeria, crap your popcorn, relax and enjoy the read.

Best music video directors in Nigeria, our top 10

  1. SESAN

If you know the old Mo-Hit owed by Don jay and Dbanj In the early 2009 then you most know sesan, Sesan dominated the Nigerian music video scene. You either see his name Sesanor his company Film Factory and his music videos are always gold. Sesan has worked with top dogs in the Nigerian music space. Some top videos directed by him include;

Oliver Twist Remix by DBanj and Kanye West

Final (Baba Nla) by Wizkid

The Sound by Davido

In The Morning by Mr Eazi

Good Thing by Asa

Soweto Baby by Dj Maphorisa and Wizkid


His face might not be popular, but his name certainly is. With over 20 years of experience, Clarence Peters is one of the biggest names in the Nigerian music video sector in the country. He is also a filmmaker and cinematographer.

Peters was born into a prominent family. He is the son of legendary afro-juju singer, Sir Shina Peters, and iconic actress, Clarion Chukwura.

He obtained his primary education from BI primary school and his secondary education from Government College Ikorodu. After finishing secondary school, he worked at Alpha Visions for three years.

He graduated from City Varsity ― a film school in Cape Town, South Africa, where he majored in cinematography.

Upon returning to Nigeria from South Africa, Peters teamed up with a group of filmmakers to establish the Alliance Film Company, which is now known as the Allied Film Company.

Peters worked with the company for a year and eventually started his own production company. The ace music video producer has worked with virtually every A-list entertainer in the country.

Some of the multiple award-winning music video producers works include; GhostMode by Olamide featuring Phyno, Johnny by Yemi Alade, Eminado by Tiwa Savage, among many others.


Music video directors

Uk born Nigerian, Meji Alabi is first on our list of leading music video directors in Nigeria. Meji has carved a name for himself as one of the forces driving the waves of music video production in Nigeria currently.

He has collaborated with several A-lists shooting stunning videos for artists such as Mr Eazi, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Maleek Berry. In 2014, Meji Alabi co-founded a production company, JM Films. The company specialises in creating visuals for music videos, commercials, movies and television.

In 2019, Meji Alabi signed to Black Dog Films, a Uk based creative agency. His genius track record is a solid one; cutting across various movies, commercials, and music videos.

Meji Alabi remains has remained a leading Nigerian talent in film production in recent times.


During the days when Olamide and his YBNL boys were in charge of the airwaves, Unlimited LA was fixed on our TV screens. In 2021, and the talented video director is still among the hottest in the industry. Hes responsible for the video of some smash hits including;

Science Student by Olamide

Bahd Baddo Baddest by Falz, Davido, and Olamide

Bam Bam by Timaya and Olamide

Sho Le by Sean Tizzle

Repete by Black Magic

Katapot by Reekado Bankz

Poverty Die by Olamide


Born ThankGod Omori Jesam, the music video director is also fondly called Boy Director. Although he is from Cross-River State, Omori grew up in Agungi, Lagos State, from a middle-class background.

He started directing at the age of 15 while overseeing stage plays in his school and church. Omori started making videos at the age of 16, but took it up professionally at 18, after graduating from PEFTI Film Institute, making him one of the youngest professional filmmakers in Nigeria at the time.

In 2019, he shot into prominence as he was the brain behind most of the chart-topping music videos. Some of his popular works include Soapy and Am I A Yahoo Boy both by Naira Marley, Totori by Olamide featuring Wizkid, Billionaire by Teni, Nobody by DJ Neptune featuring Mr Eazi and Joeboy, among several others.


Moe Musa is a celebrated Nigerian music video director and one behind some of your favorite Nigerian songs. He was most prominent during the 2010s but hes still making outstanding music videos in 2021. Here are hit songs whose videos he directed;

Azonto by Wizkid

Bobo by Olamide

Ukwu by Timaya

More by Ice Prince

Bum Bum by Diamond Platnumz

Skelewu (unofficial) by Davido

Only Girl by Adekunle Gold

In My Head by Larry Gaaga and Patoranking

Go Low by Wande Coal


Mattmax, owner of Mattmax Productions. This talented video director has been active in the industry since 2005. His videography boasts of renowned Nigerian artists and also hits some of which include;

Soke by Burna Boy

King Kong by Vector

Superstar by DBanj

Stupid Love by Olamide

Check and Balance by Burna Boy


Patrick Elis is one of the music video directors that revolutionized the Nigerian music industry. He was there at the very start of the career of the biggest stars in Nigeria and helped them score major visual credits. Patrick Elis is responsible for several hits including;

Holla At Your Boy by Wizkid

Yawa by Tekno

Kukere by Iyanya

Baby Na Yo Ka by Flavour

N.W.A by Phyno and Wale

Sekem by MC Galaxy

So Far So Good by Phyno

Sexy Ladies by Oritse Femi and Davido

  • DAPS

Oladapo Fagbenle fondly known as Daps is a British born Nigerian artist and video director. Daps rose to starlight after shooting the video for USA hip hop group Migos hit song Bad and Boujee. The video went on to become a US number one and generated hundreds of millions of views.

Daps had a career as an athlete for many parts of his life until 2010. At the age of 24 when he decided to take up a career in video production. Since then, Daps has gone on to attain world-class heights.

He was the mastermind behind the visuals that accompanied Afrobeat superstar Davidos hit track Fall. The music video surpassed 100 million views, becoming the most-viewed video by a Nigerian artist on YouTube.

Daps has shot videos for several local and international A-list artists including Kendrick Lamar, Iggy Azalea, Willie xo, Davido, Wizkid, 2 Chainz.


Fast raising Nigerian music video director owner of kennysoft STUDIOs, has been one of the music video directors in Nigeria revolutionizing the music video industry with creative and innovative music videos.

Kenneth Horsfall who is fondly called directorKEN has been the opportunities to work with some of Nigeria biggest artist like:

Bracket ft Cynthia Morgan – far away

Waconzy – dance

Jordan the first – loving lazy

Aramide Featuring Adina – Truth

Just to mention a few.

Video directors are no doubt indispensable in the music and entertainment industry. A video is a visual representation of a song and it helps to increase the visibility of the artiste and song, so the roles of these music video directors cannot be over-emphasized.

Most Important 10 Factors To Consider When Doing Digital Marketing

Image credit: freepik.com

You most consider this factors when doing digital marketing as a business owner, you must know that one of the most important things you need to focus on is your digital marketing strategy. However, having an online advertising strategy isn’t only about building a responsive and user-friendly website, there are also various, important factors you need to consider before you begin any digital marketing, all of which will influence your strategy.

Before we can go into details about the factors that make for the success of any Digital Marketing Campaign, we should first define what the term digital marketing means. In the past, it has also been called Internet marketing, e-marketing and web marketing, these alternative terms varying over time, but none of these is broad enough to encompass what digital marketing is today

Many business owners believe that it is all about their website or Facebook page. It is a far more complex and deeper subject, actually covering any ‘electronic’ means (channel) that a customer uses to interact with a business.

It, therefore, covers all Social Media, access through Google, YouTube and any of the many other Search Engines that exist, plus of course Email. And when it comes to the devices, there is the desktop computer, the laptop, the smartphone, and the growing number of devices, like Alexa. Plus, with the Internet of Things becoming a reality, soon a customer’s fridge will be interacting with your business. this is a challenge for you and your Digital marketing and design agency.

Each way in which a customer interacts is labelled a ‘channel’, and the level of interaction can be a complex one, depending on the level of integration (with your business systems) and tactics you apply.

One recent definition is “Achieving marketing objectives through applying digital technologies and media.”

Perhaps then we should refresh ourselves as to what ‘marketing’ is all about?

Defining marketing

The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing, like this:

“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably”.

It is important to bear this in mind as is it is all too easy to set objectives for digital marketing based around ‘vanity metrics’ such as the number of ‘likes’, ‘followers’ or indeed website traffic. All of these are merely milestones on the route and not a goal in themselves.

In simple terms, digital marketing is promoting products and services online, which are accessible via digital devices, such as smartphones, tablets, wearables, smart TVs, laptops, and desktop computers. Hence, it’s also called online marketing. Digital marketing doesn’t seem to be an option anymore. Now, it’s important for every business to have a digital marketing strategy set in place to reach more potential customers and attain their marketing goals and achieve more sales.

Factors To Conside6r When Doing Digital Marketing

But what makes a digital marketing campaign successful?  The success of your digital marketing strategy depends on many factors, which will be discussed in detail below.

  1. Website Performance

Having a website is a prerequisite to launching your digital marketing campaign. And to drive your digital marketing success, your website’s performance plays a crucial role. If your website is slow loading and difficult to navigate, chances are you won’t earn a significant number of visitors and leads.  

For your website to have good performance, it must have the following qualities:

User friendly  



Fast loading

Test your website with Page Speed Insights by Google

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimization has had some bad press over the years, notably because it was, in its early days, all about ‘tricking’ Google into giving ranks to pages (sites) that did not in fact deserve them, by taking advantages of ‘holes’ in the ranking algorithms.

Today, with Google’s advanced systems, such trickery is counterproductive because SEO is now being all about ensuring that sites meet Googles stringent rules and ‘assisting’ Google to make the right choice, i.e. giving a page the best rank possible for any relevant search term.

It is a long-term process, but it is a vital part of any digital marketing campaign. It provides the huge and highly attractive benefit of improving a website’s position in the search engines results pages (SERPs) and thus delivers targeted traffic in high volumes. Failure to appear in the Google results is often counterproductive when a customer, having been ‘touched’ via another channel wants more information.

The content of the pages (so called On Page Optimization) should focus on your visitors needs and wants and should cover the questions being asked on the web. You also need to understand the intent behind visitors’ searches (through good keyword research and testing).

Off-page optimization is another vital part of the SEO process, focusing on building links and ‘Social Signals’, these ‘helping’ the search engines to identify how relevant your content is thought to be by others.

Traffic is not enough though; the website must deliver conversions.

Clear Call To Actions (CTA’s), targeted landing pages, and ensuring the site loads quickly and is easy to use are essential requirements. Above all the site must enable the complete customer journey to be made with the minimum of effort, navigation tips and aids being used in support of this aim.

  1. Set your digital media marketing goals

Your goals help you stay focused on your digital media strategy. If you want to see success with digital marketing, you must determine what you want to achieve with your strategy. Goals depend upon your business’s needs.

Whether you’re looking to gain new leads or earn more conversions, you must think about what your company wants to achieve by investing in a digital marketing strategy. If you’re looking to increase sales, your next digital marketing goal could be raising sales by X%. In short, your marketing goal should align with your business’s overall goals.

Every digital media strategy goal should work towards achieving a larger company goal. Additionally, these goals need to be SMART goals. SMART goals are:

Specific: Your digital media strategy must aim to achieve a specific goal. A vague goal, like “earn more conversions,” won’t help you know if you’ve reached your goals, but a specific goal like “increase conversions by 20%” states precisely what you want to achieve.

Measurable: Your goals must also be measurable. A measurable goal is one that you can easily track, such as “increase traffic by 50%.” With a goal like this, you can visibly see how much your traffic increases or decreases over the course of your digital media campaign. When goals are easily measurable, you can identify key metrics and determine how much you’re accomplishing.

Achievable: Before setting a goal, you need to determine if you have the resources and ability to achieve it. A goal like “increase sales by 50%” may not be achievable for your company and can derail your strategy and discourage the people on your marketing and sales teams.

Realistic: Similarly, to achievable, your goals must be realistic. You might be able to achieve a goal like “increase Facebook likes to 4000,” but if you’re trying to do that within a short amount of time, it may not be realistic for your business. Measurable milestones will help you reach those goals that are more difficult to accomplish.

Timely: Your goals must have deadlines. With enforced deadlines, your teams will be more motivated to keep your digital media strategy on track. Without a concrete deadline to push your teams to accomplish your goal, your goal runs the risk of falling by the wayside.

SMART goals help you stay focused and know what you’re aiming to achieve.

  1.  Identify your target audience

You need to know exactly who you’re marketing to with your products or services. Identify the common points between your customers, and segment them into groups according to their:



Income (occupation)




And priorities/values

The easiest way to do this is by using customer lists, surveys, and interviews to create representations of your ideal customers (called buyer personas or marketing personas) based on real data, not assumptions.


YouTube’s blog recently stated that they now have 1 billion unique customers every month and that 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month – which was 50% more in March 2013 than it was in May 2012.

Video marketing is also an essential part of your website and in the days of smart phones, digital cameras and free video editing software it has never been easier. Videos can be embedded on your website and can also be uploaded to, and shared in YouTube. Videos have the ability to show clearly which products and services your company can offer – most people will prefer to watch a 1 minute video than read a page full of text.

  1. Use High Quality Content only 

Last on our list, yet not least significant is the fact that you have to use high-quality photographs, videos, and articles. These things are utilized as tools for increasing your brand awareness, which is why you need to guarantee that the content you create is HQ, interesting, as well as fun for your consumers.

  1. Marketing Automation

There are many different marketing automation tools available today, each one allowing for some of the repetitive processes to be taken over by technology. Examples of this are the automated sending of emails or ‘Join My Network’ requests on Social Media.

Any automation has to be carried out with care, as, if it is allowed to become robotic, it could have negative effects. More and more businesses are, however, incorporating automated elements into their digital marketing campaigns. Statistics show that about 70% of marketing leaders are using some form of marketing automation platform.  Indeed, these tools speed up and streamline the processes involved, without them it would be difficult to manage all your digital marketing efforts.

  1. Social Media Influencers

Social Media is a vital Digital Marketing Channel and one that cannot be ignored, because it is the best way to create a feeling of community and associate this with your brand. It’s a great tool for marketers and allows the creation of a large number of personal interactions, which in turn can promote long term loyalty.

Social media can also be a valuable tool for monitoring feedback about your business or brand. This is useful as when you change something about your website, business, or launch a new campaign, you can instantly find out how your users feel about it.

It is also an excellent way to provide customer service, many users preferring to contact you via social media, rather than send in a support ticket.

However, building a connected online community is not an easy task, and for best results it is vital that your dedicated social media team utilize a content plan, this detailing the message and when it is going to be sent.

Using it correctly to attract and engage with potential customers by using original content, can bring in huge amounts of traffic and potential sales.

The biggest issue is in selecting the correct type of content. It has to be of the right type though, posting a series of funny cat videos or memes does not fit in with many brands.

  1. Determine your product’s unique value proposition

Every product and service needs to have something about it that makes it valuable to customers. If you can’t showcase the value, people won’t know why they should buy your product or invest in your services. To identify your product’s value proposition, ask yourself these questions:

What need does my product fulfill?

Customers buy products or use services to solve a problem or to improve their lives. You must determine how your product or service benefits your customers, so you can showcase the value. Take some time to identify the unique value of your product or service that will address those needs and concerns.

Ask questions like:

What problem is my product solving?

What does my product do that makes life for my customers better?

How does my product solve the problem better than my competitors?

What capital and means do I have to bring that value to customers?

How can I sustain my product’s unique value?

Where is my business qualified to compete in the business environment?

In other words, what is your niche market? You need to determine which niche your products and services fall into to compete successfully.

If you enter into a market that doesn’t fit your products and services, you’ll likely have a hard time making an impact on that niche’s audience, and you won’t be able to out-compete your audience. Identifying your niche allows you to determine the value of your product compared to your competitors. You can see what you offer that’s better than their product and vice-versa.

  1. Budget

Your budget allocation for each marketing campaign also plays an important role in the success of your online presence. Before you even think of pursuing a digital marketing campaign, you need to determine how much the strategy would cost you to avoid any delays or interruption while the campaign is ongoing. In this way, you could maximize your efforts and gain the best results.

Consistency: It is necessary to constantly promote your company. Even when you do not get results immediately

Using the correct digital marketing channel: It is essential to know which channel to focus on if the desired results are to be achieved

Choosing the correct audience: The correct audience is as important as choosing the correct digital marketing channel


In order to ensure the success of your digital marketing, there will be a wide range of things that you’ll need to consider and do. However, by following some or all of the tips mentioned above, you’ll certainly be able to make the entire planning easier, less time-consuming, and less stressful for everyone involved.

So, now that you’re aware of all the things you’ll need to focus on, you might not want to lose any more of your time – after all, time does equal money in the business world. Instead, keep all of these tips in mind and start creating a digital marketing strategy that will suit your needs.

Best 10 Expert Inexpensive Video Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Baker arranging showcase in bakery. Selling product to a customer.

Today we will be talking Video marketing tips for small businesses in Nigeria, incase you don’t know video marketing is here to stay, you accept it or not the truth remains that in 2022, video marketing is rapidly becoming the most popular form of content marketing, with most consumers preferring short-form video over any other content type. As video marketing content continues to rise in popularity, there are a few best practices and helpful hints and tips your small business needs to know about. We’ve done the research, gathered the best tips and have broken it all down by platform to help your small business boost sales with video marketing content in 2022.

According to Statista, 27.2% of viewers spend 10 hours watching online videos weekly. The popularity of online videos became why 61% of marketers use them as a digital marketing tool.

As the demand for online videos grows, video marketing becomes more relevant. Besides giant corporations, small businesses can also use online videos to promote their products or services online and attract more customers.

 Before we go into details let define what’s video marketing so we can all understand better,

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a strategy that uses videos to share valuable information. These videos can help gain the trust of potential customers, establish credibility, and raise brand awareness.

If small businesses produce bite-sized video content, they can attract customers, generate leads, and drive conversions as long as they share it on various digital marketing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

So, let’s begin. Grab your popcorn and dim the lights: your small business’s screen time starts now.

Video marketing tips for small businesses

  1. Tell A Story

A great marker should be a great creator. Marketing means being creative and thinking outside the box, yet we often seem to forget that and get caught up in the technical aspects of it such as reports, metrics and all kind of different tools that are supposed to increase the ROI.

But at the very foundation of a solid video campaign is nothing more than a good storyline. Remember that at the other end of your campaign will be a human being who needs to relate to your story and that’s what your focus should be on.

As per this presentation which is based on YouTube’s studies, 70% of the effectiveness of your campaign will depend on how good is the story behind your video. That’s how important this very first step is and if you get it wrong, you will have a flimsy foundation to build your campaign on. It doesn’t matter if you shoot in 4K, have the best videographer and the video editor or if your laser targets your audience. It all comes down to the story.

The storyline will have to be somehow dependent on your brand and there are no specific guidelines, but generally speaking, videos that are either funny or emotional (or both) tend to perform better.

So definitely put the majority of your time and efforts into building a solid script before you actually start shot the video.

  1. Use an Introductory Video To Tell Your Story

As a small business in a sea of other small businesses, the proper thing to do is introduce yourself properly. What better way to do that than with an introductory video?

Whether it’s an on-the-fly Live Q&A social video on Facebook, a behind-the-scenes look at the operations of your business, or a business profile video on your website’s home page, introductory videos start a dialogue with your audience. Create an online video to answer frequently asked questions, share a behind-the-scenes look at daily operations, and illuminate your brand’s story.

Take a look at this video marketing effort from Warby Parker, which shares the common problem that inspired the company and tells the audience how their process offers an affordable solution. 

Now, adopt this concept to share your brand’s story. Focus on the problem you offer a solution to and the inner workings of the business, its history, beliefs, and mission statement.

  1. Keep It Short 

Keep your videos short – Not only is short-form video content much easier for brands to create, it’s also the type of content that customers love to consume! Did you know that people have an attention span that’s only 8-seconds long? Your audience is much more likely to watch an Instagram Reel than a full-length YouTube video.

  1.  Show Rather Than Tell

The whole purpose of the video is to actually show your viewers who you are, what you can do and how your service or product works. If a picture is worth a thousand words a video should worth a million. 

Get as specific and as explicit as you can with your video. Be totally transparent and let your audience see what it is that you will provide them. Don’t just have someone in a suit behind a desk talking for 2 minutes straight about your company profile. Nobody is interested in that. Instead, show them what you can do for them.

Zappos, which is one of the biggest retailers specialized in skiing equipment has increased conversion with as much as 25% just by adding demo videos to each of their product. So if you’re selling a physical product that’s a great way to boost sales.

  1. Quality Over Quantity

My number one tip is simple but absolutely non-negotiable: you must be uncompromising when setting the standards of quality for your video content. We know the research behind user behavior and how digital algorithms manipulate user experience.

Producing impactful, compelling content that moves viewers to opt-in and continue watching despite the endless options awaiting them behind another swipe or click is absolutely more important than ever.

Quality over quantity always.

  1. Create Content That Educates Your Audience

Creating high-quality content, not necessarily high production value, that educates your target audience and answers their questions is key for your digital strategy.

The number one category on YouTube? How-to videos. I tell our clients to start with sharing tips, tricks, and even behind-the-scenes of their operation on video.

  1. Create Company Vlogs

Add video diaries to your video marketing. You can do these monthly or weekly or whatever works best for you, but make sure you are doing regular vlogs where you talk directly to clients or prospects on what your company has been doing, what you’re working on now, and what you have planned for the future.

These videos create a personal relationship that is so hard to get these days, they convey useful information, they display your company culture, and best of all; they’re very inexpensive to produce.

So find someone with a great on-screen personality or a high-ranking employee and do these regularly. You’ll be amazed at what these can do for a small business.”

  1. Use Video Testimonials

Get video testimonials from your best customers. Happy customers can usually sell better than you can. It’s not difficult and you can do it very quickly.

Contact a few happy customers, shoot their testimonial on your phone, edit it down to the most important information and then post it on your social channels by buying geo-targeted ads. Post them on your website and use them in an email campaign to your existing customers. 

Let your customers sell for you. I know this will work because we have been using this strategy for over 3 years in our business and it is a huge part of why we have generated millions in sales from clients.

  1. Target A Platform

One mistake that we’ve seen many businesses do is to simply take the same video and throw it on all social media platforms. While that will probably get you some results, it is definitely not the optimal way of handling it.

And it’s not just us saying that. Mark McMaster said in the same presentation cited above that 44% of the campaigns they analyzed were not optimized for the platform they run on. And when we say platform we pretty much refer to just YouTube and Facebook as these two giants take up 86% of all online video view (not taking into account Instagram views which runs through Facebook ads too).

YouTube works like a search engine and people go to YouTube to get answers to specific questions, watch how-to videos, product reviews, and tutorials and so on and so forth. The content they want to watch is informational or educational most of the times. So if you plan on running your campaign on YouTube keep that in mind and make your videos more informational and maybe a little bit less funny.

Facebook, on the other hand, is the exact opposite. There is no intent based. The majority of people go on Facebook so simply distract themselves from work and just to chill. They connect with their friends, and they enjoy watching funny videos or pictures. And that’s what you need to keep in mind if you’re targeting Facebook.

So if the goal of your campaign is to laser target women looking to buy mascara products for example, then YouTube is great for that. But if you want to go after a broad audience, such as women interested in the beauty industry, because you want them to know about your company or your product, that’s what Facebook is great for.

Yes, filming and editing two videos instead of just one will probably cost twice as much, but if you set up your campaign right, the ROI will be better in the end.

  1. First Three Seconds Are The Greatest 

According to Facebook for Business, 65% of people who watch the first 3 seconds of your marketing video will watch at least 10 seconds. 45% of those will watch for 30 seconds.

You could have the most amazing, enticing marketing message later on in your video, but if the first 3 seconds don’t capture your audience, the whole rest of the video will go unseen.

Try including an attention grabber to begin your marketing videos that will make them stand out. You may also want to include emotional appeal in your video intro to pull your audience in.

Video Marketing Tips Final Advice: 

As a small business, starting a video marketing strategy can feel overwhelming. That’s why we reached out to our network for their advice to give you the confidence to get started. 

When launching a new marketing channel, remember to set your goals, create valuable content for your target audience, and stay true to your brand.

And as always, measure your results following a campaign to see what worked and what didn’t so you can optimize your strategy for next time. 

Ready to Take Your Business from Great to Awesome?

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