7 Ways on How To Use Animation For Your Business

 How To Use Animation For Your Business

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Animation is more than just the cartoons and films. Today animation has evolved so brilliantly that it can influence the return on investment of businesses.

Few of us have to consciously remind ourselves that animation today is more than mere entertainment. We were probably introduced to animation in its nascent stage and somehow have forgotten that those very things are actually serious stuff today. Business tools to boost your marketing and branding.

In case you’re one of them, this article is a great way to catch up on where animation is as of today. What are the types and why businesses across industries are employing them to their advantage?

Animation today

What started as multiple hand-drawn frames were replaced by the computer revolution making it less tedious and time-consuming. It wasn’t until later that CGI totally changed animation as we know it. With technology, animation is come to be known as an “intricate relationship between artwork and technology.”  Its reach made endless penetrating every industry possible.  We now have advanced to a stage making possible architectural visualizations and virtual tours, mechanical designs that cut development costs and educational tools for health care and learning.

The different types of animation

There are genres of animation that can be used by businesses based on factors like reach, audience profile, concept and medium. Although listed in order of their evolvement, they also exist as standalone preferences today.

  • Traditional animation – Sequential hand-sketches screened quickly to create an illusion of movement, are used by ad agencies today to test commercials before production.
  • 2D animation – This is very similar to traditional animation but uses computerized software to simulate a 2-dimensional motion.
  • 3D computer animation (CGI)– A more realistic, 3-dimensional look that is created with computer generated images to create an animation.
  • Motion graphics – These are often used for multimedia projects, where texts or images are creatively given the illusion of motion.  Example: animated logos, movie opening titles.
  • Stop motion – Photographs of objects taken in sequential different positions, that when played create an illusion of movement.

Benefits of using animation for your business

  1. Quick message delivery

You getting time to read this is great! But, it’s rare. That’s the world we’re living in. Animation in the form of stop motion or micro-videos are a great way to deal with the instant-demand these days. These six-second videos can be used to highlight unique selling features of a new product, app or service. There is no better way to explain complex features than with visuals that keep the technicalities at bay. Animation can bring life to the product and keep audiences engaged with simple and personalized visuals for better conceptualization.

Educate while you entertain

In a high-stress world, there is a universal craving for information in its most simple form. When this can be presented in the form of entertainment, then you’ve got the crowd all ears. Animations allow for easy processing of information without having to deal with the technical jargon and strain their minds. With social media trending, news spreads like wild fire. The interactive nature of social media has its advantages when it comes to micro-videos or campaigns. Remember, visitors to social media are all in for entertainment and these videos are just ideal.

 Transfer the emotion

Animation is a great way to emotionally connect with your audience. Almost everyone is fascinated by a make-believe world that’s a factor that easily keeps viewers engaged. These animated videos can be commercials or campaigns that drive the point straight home even in the absence of text and dialogues. That’s the beauty of animation. The feeling of ‘being sold to’ is the last thing viewers experience when visually engaged with an animated image or object. Say, employing a friendly faced mascot to run your campaigns which can definitely boost brand awareness and promotion.

Show off your personality

So what’s so unique about your business? The benefits of signing up for your services?  Who are your clients?

These are some of the questions that are often thrown at businesses. When first impressions matter the most, businesses are always in a tussle to deliver their stories in a nutshell considering optimization on prospective clients’ allotted time. With animation, there is a lot of scope to show your personality. Perceptions, ideas and concepts are portrayed when words may fail.

Influence buying decisions

Animation videos or mascots certainly are one of the strongest influencers in a consumer’s purchase decision due to the power of association. A simple example we all can relate to is ‘Cornelious’, the Corn Flakes Rooster. A simple concept of waking up to cornflakes and why it would make an ideal breakfast. These are all a boost to not just branding but assist consumers to convert. Needless to say, a familiar brand gets preference in terms of choice. The more viewers are exposed to these ads the better the promotion. The greatest strength of animation is its self-sufficiency when it comes to text or language; the universal language spoken by this creative advertising tool speaks volumes.

Boost search rankings

Videos and images are the life of any page. Animations are all the more fun, increasing time on page and giving engagement a boost.  The resulting improvement in analytics signals search engines of users finding website content relevant and these positives ultimately have an impact on search rankings.

Easy share

Animations are fun. They have an element of surprise that make users want to share with their friends or group. The likes and shares on these videos facilitate a long lasting impression and identity.  While these are embedded on video platforms and showcased on business websites, they could be search optimized and bring in additional traffic from video platforms like YouTubevimeo and other social media platforms.

Animation is all about creativity. There is no limit. Guaranteed is a branding boost but not just that, you’re headed to win a lot of hearts and have a whole lot of eyes glued.


 The importance of animation in business promotions cannot be over emphasize in today’s business world, it’s either you evolve and follow the trend or your competitors will kick you out of business. So why not contact kennysoft STUDIOs lets help you engage new audience, grow brand visibility online, improve social engagement and enhance conversion rates through video marketing.

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