Best Animation Schools In Nigeria

Best Animation Schools In Nigeria

Best Animation Schools In Nigeria

Animation has grown to become a viable field of study in Nigeria, and many schools and universities have adopted this as a major course of study. Numerous animation schools have also been established offering professional animation courses and workshops. Animation in Nigeria is slowly becoming an increasingly growing industry with more animators beginning to get commissions for projects.

Animation is a visual art that combines motion and art to create images, stories, and characters for an audience. It is used in video games, movies, television, websites and other media outlets.

 Animators create characters, backgrounds, motion, and all other aspects of the animation. Animators create graphic stories, set up scenarios, characters, and movement that are used to tell a story or create an effect. In today’s world, animators are using the latest technology equipped with software and tools to create beautiful, mesmerizing animations that grab the attention of their audience.

Animators study, practice, and use digital art software to create realistic animations and visuals for video games, television shows, and movies. For those who are looking to excel in the art of animation, these are the best animation schools in Nigeria.

Animation Schools In Nigeria

  1. Kennysoft Film Academy: Kennysoft Film Academy is one of the leading animation schools in Nigeria. It offers quality education and training courses in a wide range of digital animation techniques, including 3D animation, motion graphics, and illustration.

The institute also offers internships, hands-on workshops, industry-level software and equipment, and tutoring from experienced professionals. Graduate programs are also available in which students can earn professional certificates in digital animation.

2.  Lagos state university: Lagos state university is one of the leading animation schools in Nigeria, and the first one to offer digital animation courses for Nigerian students.

Lagos state university digital animation course focuses on learning and training in digital film making, 3D modelling and animation, motion design and visual effects, storyboarding and concept design, and more.

The school offers courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels, with students earning diplomas and certificates as well as associate and postgraduate degrees. Students also get to attend lectures, workshops and seminars from international industry professionals.

  • Orange VFX: Orange VFX is a renowned animation school in Nigeria, which provides quality

education and training in 3D animation and digital media. The school offers different courses in digital media, 3D animation, motion graphics, VFX, and more. They also provide hands-on experience and industry-level software and equipment.

  •  EarlyBell: EarlyBell is a leading animation school in Nigeria that offers courses in digital media, 3D animation, motion graphics, and many more.

They have experienced staff and industry-level facilities available. Students can also take part in internships, workshops, and even industry-level software and equipment to enhance their skills.

  • EbonyLife Creative Academy: Based in Lagos, EbonyLife Creative Academy offers comprehensive courses in 3D modeling and animation, game design and development, and motion graphics. The institute also provides state-of-the-art equipment and a well-equipped studio. It offers multiple levels of courses to suit different skill levels and interests, and also provides apprenticeship opportunities.

These are some of the best animation schools in Nigeria. Each institute has its own unique offering, but all guarantee to provide a comprehensive animation education with the necessary skills, theory and practical application. Many of these schools also feature equipment and software which meet industry standards, ensuring that graduates will be well-equipped for a successful career in animation.

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