Top 5 Video Editing Studios In Nigeria

Best Top 5 Video Editing Studios In Nigeria


The world is evolving so is the way we connect, communicate, market our services and products and also live our lives and one of those evolution is social media, social media has evolved and especially with the rise of TikTok and Instagram Reels, video content has not only risen to the top content format spot, it has also become a major part of the marketer’s arsenal, commanding larger and larger budget allocations in all industries worldwide.

It has also helped that social technology has improved enough to afford HD video streaming just about anywhere in the world. The relevance, impact and power of video cannot be overstated.

So, whether you are a small business, a growing brand or an international behemoth, video is the language with which you communicate with your audience now and in the future.

So, in this article, we’ll look at some of the top Video Editing Studios in Nigeria


  1. Kennysoft STUDIOs

K.S. Kennysoft Studios Production Limited (RC 1720211) is a Nigerian Video and Animation Production Studio Located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. Nigeria. It’s recognized as the best and leading video and animation content creator in Nigeria. Founded in May, 2015 the company today boasts of a committed 10-man team that can successfully carry out a project. Since inception kennysoft STUDIOs has introduced the Nigerian video and animation industry to a new breed of professional video and animation services right at heart of Nigeria’s garden city – Rivers state, helping our clients save money on projects that would otherwise have been outsourced.


  1. Pulse Studio

Pulse Studio is a commercial video production team, working as a sub brand of Pulse with teams in 5 African markets. The Pulse Studio team comprises talented writers, cinematographers, directors and editors with decades of cumulative experience between them. Pulse has worked on some of the most culture-defining and iconic video productions in Nigeria in the time that it has been operative, for international brands (Nike, Jameson) and leading Nigerian brands across the industry spectrum.

Pulse Studio is able to create culturally relevant story ideas, resulting in visual experiences for the end audience that are very relatable and shareable.


  1. Ultima Studios

Ultima describes itself as a full-service media and entertainment company. The team has demonstrated strong capabilities in television production particularly, having put their signature on some of the most important entertainment content on Nigerian television for the past decade. Although Ultima has been around for a while, and has perfect expertise in more traditional media capabilities, the company has remained relevant in delivering digital experiences in recent times.


  1. X3M

X3M Ideas has built a reputation as a full-service digital agency, with strong capabilities in video production for music, television and brand purposes.


  1. Insight Publicis

Like the other video production units in this list, Insight Publicis is a digital agency with a great video team. The Insight video team has executed commercial videos and films that are much loved by the target audience, showing a good understanding of culture.


Conclusion: Video has become prominent across the world. Even though we’re seeing more video creation from mobile cameras and amateur creators, there is still an opportunity for brands looking to connect deeply with their audience at scale to weave great stories and influence culture through great films. These brands can benefit from the experience and expertise of some of these video editing and production studios in Nigeria.

Kennysoft STUDIOs is one of the best video post production companies offering high quality professional video editing services unique to your business. If you have footage or clips that you need editing to your taste, adding text, overlays, effects, animations, sound effects, logo, intro, etc. then Kennysoft STUDIOs is right here for you. We have a dedicated team of video editors, wherein each team specializes in a particular segment. Get personalized videos edited as per your brand vision and style.

We have edited videos across industries, including Wedding Events, Education, Music, eCommerce, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Finance, Technology, Infrastructure, Healthcare, Food industry, etc. With over a decade of multi-industry and multimedia experience, we have successfully delivered small and complex video editing jobs worldwide. Kennysoft STUDIOs specializes in serving companies, directors, filmmakers, producers, videographers, cinematographers, and individuals with video post production service worldwide. Moreover, we also assist Digital Marketing Agencies with social media ads and videos.


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