5 Practical Ways To Turn Your Customers Into Brand Evangelists Using Videos


It is common knowledge that customers play an integral part in the success of any business. Companies and brands rely upon the loyalty of their customers to create a successful brand relationship. Having a loyal customer base is the most effective way to ensure customer retention, brand loyalty and effectively increase organization efficiency.

This is why cultivating brand evangelists and turning them into a company’s biggest supporters is so important. Using videos is an effective way to do this. In this article, we will explore five ways of turning customers into brand evangelists using videos.

What are Brand Evangelists? According to Hubspot A Brand evangelists are passionate advocates of a particular brand or company. They are customers that have an emotional connection with the brand and willingly share their insights and experiences with others. Brand evangelists are customers that are so passionate about a product or service that they become the company’s biggest cheerleaders, recommending and spreading news about the company to their peers, family, coworkers, and other contacts.

Why Are Brand Evangelists Important? Brand evangelists are incredibly important for businesses and can have a huge impact on the success of a company. Building a tribe of loyal customers that are passionate about and actively engage with a brand is an incredibly powerful source of marketing. People have much more faith in recommendations from people they know than they do in any type of advertising. Brand evangelists serve as organic advertisements with a word-of-mouth effect.

With social media being a common source of communication, spreading the news about a great product has never been easier. The more brand evangelists a company has, the more visibility it will gain, resulting in more customers and an improved reputation. Creating brand evangelists isn’t easy, but with the right content and strategies, it is possible to turn customers into passionate brand advocates.

And one of the most powerful marketing tools to turn your customers into brand evangelists is video marketing. For businesses, creating a well-crafted video that resonates with customers and engages them is an important task and so is the task of creating loyal customers who not only use their services but also preach the message to others, to help you get started we created this article for you, so seat back and enjoy the read.

Here are 5 practical ways to turn your customers into brand evangelists using videos:

  1. Create Compelling Storytelling Videos: Creating compelling videos to tell stories of customer success and experiences is an effective way to turn customers into brand evangelists. Storytelling videos featuring customer case studies, showcasing customer experiences, and highlighting the impact your product or service has had on people’s lives are a powerful way to evoke emotion.

When customers see their peers having success with your product or service, it will help increase their trust in the brand and make them more likely to become brand evangelists.

  • Use Video Testimonials To Build Trust: Testimonials are a great way to increase trust and engagement. Invite customers who are satisfied with their product and services and have them speak highly of your product and services in the video. This aspect creates a win-win situation for both the customer and the business – the customer gets to share the experience of working with the brand and the business gets to turn one of the customers into an evangelist of its message.
  • Encourage Customers To Share Their Stories: Encouraging customers to share their stories via short video clips is another way to turn customers into evangelists. These short videos have an added advantage in that that they are more likely to be seen and watched more often thus increasing brand visibility. Furthermore, customers can also use them to reach out to more customers through their social contacts.
  • Showcase Your Customer’s Success Stories: Highlighting the customer’s success stories is an effective way to turn them into evangelists. Create short informative videos that tell the customer’s success journey using the brand’s products or services. Make sure to showcase the customer’s story through their personal experience. This will make the story much more relatable than content created using generic content.
  • Create Content People Can Relate to: Creating content that resonates with the customer base is a great way to engage viewers and make the business more memorable. Content should focus on topics of current interests and values.

This content can be educational, inspirational, or funny depending on the customer base. Content that relates to the customer’s needs and wants will get more views and engagement and thus increase the chances of turning viewers into evangelists.


Businesses should take advantage of video to reach out to their customers and turn them into evangelists. With the help of the 5 practical steps listed above, businesses can create powerful videos to resonate with their customer base and increase brand trust and loyalty.

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